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What Is a Purity Ring? The Meaning Behind the Band

Womens purity ring

Rings can be used to signify a whole range of things, from a vow of marriage to simple friendship. But what is a purity ring? Faith Gift Baskets takes a look at the meaning behind this popular item of Christian jewelry.

What do Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, and Selena Gomez have in common?

100 points if you got it! They all have popularized the use of purity rings.

But many people still don't know what is a purity ring. Let's take a look at the meaning behind this popular item of Christian jewelry.

1. What is a Purity Ring?

Wearing a purity ring is a pledge that you'll be celibate until you get married. It's also known as a chastity or abstinence ring. In other words, you're committed to saving yourself for the person of your dreams.

2. Who Wears Purity Rings?

If you're committed to your virginity until marriage, then you're suitable to wear a purity ring.

It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman. You can also be any age.


3. Is a Purity Ring for me?

It's important to think carefully about whether you want to wear a purity ring. Is this something you really want?

4. What's it Look Like?

Purity rings can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. It's important that you really like the ring because you could be wearing it for quite some time.

You need to consider the inscription you'll include on your purity ring. Do you want to go for popular quotes such as "true love waits" or "faithful to my beloved"? Or you could invent your own saying.

You also need to decide which material you want for your ring. You can choose between gold, silver, platinum and other metals.

5. Purity vs. Promise Ring

People often get confused between purity and promise rings. The answer is that while all purity rings are promise rings, not all promise rings are purity rings.

In other words, the promise ring is a more general term to commit to anything from friendship to sibling love. But a purity ring is specifically to do with commitment to abstain from sex until marriage.

6. Which Finger for the Purity Ring?

The purity ring goes on the same ring finger on your left hand as a wedding ring. After you're married, you can replace it with your wedding ring.

7. Is There a Ceremony to Celebrate?

It's really up to you whether you want to celebrate with a ceremony the exchange of purity rings. The ceremony is often called an Abstinence Ceremony.

8. Can it be Removed?

You can always take off the ring if you want. For instance, if you're doing sports or other outdoor activities. But make sure you put in somewhere safe, you don't want to lose it.

9. Can I Change My Mind?

Yes, if you change your mind about wearing your purity ring. You can simply remove it for whatever reason you want.

10. Are Purity Rings Effective?

Purity rings are effective because it's a decision taken by you and you alone. It's commitment that requires strength and discipline.

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