Give the Gift of Jesus

Just When You Thought You Knew Jesus, Today You Will See Him Differently

Sure, you believe in Jesus, but if you're like most people you may not know Jesus in the way He wants you to know Him. Even if you've been in Church for 50 years, get ready to have your world rocked. Get to know Jesus as you discover your own identity and what the new covenant means to you. Enjoy this grace message from Faith Gift Baskets.

I personally think many people avoid church because they see it as a place of rules. No doubt, behavior is wildly important. Sin is terrible. But we need really drive home who Jesus is for us. We need to stop watering down grace and forgiveness. Too many pastors hold our forgiveness hostage and non-stop preach the idea that performance is what keeps our fellowship with God grounded. We need to realize that's it's grace that leads us to repentance, and only blood restores our fellowship with God. 

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