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Christian Christmas Gifts

christian christmas gifts

If you're after a few Christian Christmas gifts, then you need to check out this blog post. It's never too early to start preparing. We have tons of ideas that we're sure will put a smile on their faces!

Christmas may seem like it's still a ways away, but it's never too early to get in the Christmas spirit. As a Christian, you know this is about more than holiday cookies and putting presents under the tree. Still, it is nice to get a few presents for your friends and family, and what better than Christian Christmas gifts?

Such gifts put the true spirit of the season in all the holiday's traditions. They remind others that we celebrate Christmas for Christ, not ourselves. Plus, these are powerful items that can help your loved ones grow in their faith!

It's a no-brainer to put Christian gifts under the tree this year. If you're not sure what to get the faithful people in your life, keep reading for some good ideas.

1. A Personalized Bible

Almost every Christian has a bible that he or she has written in, highlighted, and bent the corners of certain pages. This is what makes a bible personal. Some people get these special bibles handed down to them from family members, while others like to make a bible look a little old on their own.

Maybe there's a person in your life who doesn't yet have their own bible, though. Or, maybe you know someone who's in need of a new, personalized bible that they can take with them to church and on vacation.

Think about this for a moment. There's bound to be more people in your life in need of a bible than you think, and this is a gift that will keep on giving long after Christmas is over.

2. A Devotional Journal

If most of the people you know already have a nice bible, give them a devotional journal. Devotionals help Christians take their faith one step further. They're filled with daily readings or weekly reflections to strengthen the spirit.

To make this gift even more powerful, find a devotional to support a friend or family member where they are in life right now. There are devotionals made for teens and young adults, college students, soon-to-be-mothers, newlyweds, and the elderly. These have powerful readings that go hand in hand with what a person may be facing in their life.

3. A Cross Necklace

It's one thing to give a gift that strengthens someone's faith and another to give them something they can use to express their faith everywhere. That's what a cross necklace does.

When a woman wears a cross necklace, everyone in the room automatically knows they are a believer. It doesn't matter if she's going to work, the gym, running errands, or to church - it's nice for her to live her faith in every way she can.

Not to mention, everyone loves a nice piece of jewelry, Christian or not. When you find the perfect piece of Christian jewelry, though, you're making the gift of an accessory even more special.

4. A Necklace with a Scripture Pendant

The thing about cross necklaces is that they're very common. Unless your friend or family member doesn't yet have one, or they need one that looks a little more new, a cross may not be the best choice.

Get her a necklace with a scripture pendant instead. This makes the gift more thoughtful and personal because you're able to find the perfect scripture verse for the special friend or family member in your life. This may be the verse you know they already love or one you think they need to hear right now.

Whatever moves you, get that one. The person you give it to is sure to love it also!

5. Matching Rings and Bracelets

What if you know someone who's birthday falls around Christmas time? Or if you already bought your wife a Christian necklace for your anniversary this year?

Then, the next logical gift to get is the matching ring and/or bracelet! Giving jewelry is a nice gesture as is. Getting someone a complete jewelry set, though, is much more heartfelt. It's a great way to show some extra love for the special people in your life or to go above and beyond for someone who may need it this Christmas season.

6. Everyday Items with Scripture

Just as scripture pendants are a nice way to share the faith, so are scripture-engraved coffee mugs, notepads, and bookmarks. There are all kinds of things you can find with verses written on them. You just have to know where to look!

Go to your local church's gift shop and see what you find. You may come across a lovely picture frame with a verse about family/friendship, or a stunning household decor item that you have to buy for someone. Keep your eyes open and you're sure to find the perfect gift.

7. Something to Use in Prayer

Another gift you may find while in a Christian shop is something to use in prayer. Maybe you come across a beautiful rosary or a blank journal (without devotionals) for someone to write their prayers in. Maybe you notice a prayer card with a person's confirmation saint or the saint they're named after.

These are small, simple gifts that go a long way.

8. Christian Books

When in doubt, buy a book. Books are the ultimate gift you can offer someone. They provide knowledge, insight, and guidance - especially Christian books.

Sometimes, what a person needs to deepen their faith isn't only to pray more, but to realize what the power of prayer can do. That's what Christian books help us do. Regardless of the subject, these stories of God's love and grace bring people back to their faith with a refreshed, inspired perspective.

Give a book to the person who is struggling with his/her faith right now or the person who has inspired your faith. These people - and everyone in between - will be very grateful to open such a Christmas present.

Find the Best Christian Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Already thinking of the book you want to buy your niece or the cross necklace to get for your sister? Great! Now it's time to start crossing items off your list of Christian Christmas gifts to get everyone.

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