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A Guide to How to Measure Your Wrist for Your Christian Bracelet

How to Measure Your Wrist For Bracelet Size

If you're looking for a Christian bracelet, you want to be sure you're buying the right size. Learn how to measure your wrist correctly and never order the wrong size of Christian bracelet again.

Whenever you're trying to make a fashion statement, you have to pick out items of the right size to do so. This goes for everything from skinny jeans and comfy t-shirts to bathing suits, shoes, and even hats!

That's right -- accessories have right and wrong sizes, too. It's totally possible to buy a ring that's too big, a bracelet that's too small, or a hat that just doesn't sit right.

As such, you should take the time to learn things like how to measure your wrist and your ring finger, just in case. This will come in handy when shopping for all your go-to accessories in the future.

Keep reading to learn how to measure wrist size for your next Christian bracelet.

How to Measure Your Wrist Properly

Did you know that if you put your middle finger and your thumb together in a circle, the result is the length around your wrist? As cool as this is, you need a more accurate wrist measurement when shopping for your new Christian bracelet.

To get the right numbers, you're going to need a flexible strip of measuring tape. If you don't have this on-hand, a strip of paper and a regular ruler will do. Either way, the key is to take your measurement from the length around the wrist bone.

With measuring tape, all you need to do is wrap the tape around once to find your size. If using paper and a ruler, wrap the paper around your wrist bone and make a mark where the paper folds over. Then, unwrap the paper, set it down, and measure from the edge of the paper to the mark you've made; that is your bracelet size.

What if you like bracelets to be loose and fun, or if you want something that's more snug to sit right above your watch? Then, take your size and either add or subtract by a quarter-inch or so to find your perfect fit.

Instruction to measure wrist size

Things to Avoid When Measuring Wrist Size

Hopefully, how to measure your wrist sounds simple. But, people mess up their own measurements all too often. You don't want to measure where you'd like a bracelet to sit.

If you like it a little bigger, you need to measure around the bone first then adjust. Not to mention, make sure you know what the wrist bone is and that you measure all the way around as straight as possible. If the measuring tape or paper is tilted just a bit it can set the whole measurement off.

Also, make sure you find the proper size for your measurement. This way, you can remember something like "petite", "medium", "large", or "plus-size" rather than having to think of your numerical measurement every time you want a new bracelet.

Find the Perfect Christian Bracelet for You

Ready to shop for new bracelets now that you know how to measure your wrist? Great! You've come to the perfect place.

We have all kinds of beautiful accessory selections available. From small and classic to bold statement pieces, there's sure to be something here that fits your style. Start shopping now, and if you need help placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us!


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