5 of the Most Popular Necklace Chain Types for Christian Necklaces

Christian necklace chain types

Your commitment to God is important to you, so you wear him close to your heart. How?

With your religious themed necklace, whichever shape and theme you choose.

Which necklace chain types do you have to choose from to hold your commitment around your neck?

We're listing the top five in this guide.

Cable Chain

A cable chain is what you think of when you think of the old, iron type chains. They're the same shape and style as the things old-timey prisoners would wear around their ankles.

It's one oval link connected to another oval link. They don't sit completely flat, one is horizontal and one's vertical.

They're made by taking one length of steel or metal material and bending it around a mold. Then the next chain link is looped through before it's bent around its mold.

These simple chains are any size you want, from one to five millimeters plus.

Figaro Chain

A Figaro chain involves the same type of chain link process as the type above, but it's more decorative. Many men wear their religious jewelry on a Figaro style chain.

Instead of all the links being the same size as they are in a cable chain, the Figaro has two different sizes.

There is a simple long, oblong shape like the cable chain, but then two or three smaller ones. This serves as a decorative pattern in the metal chain itself.

They're good if you have an industrial looking piece or for the men in your life.



The Rolo Chain

Unlike either of the chain types above, the rolo chain is all circles of the same size. You won't see any patterns or oblong shapes here.

Each chain link is a small circle, connected like the cable chain link is. One sits more horizontal and the other more vertical.

These are the types of chains many people wear rings on when they can't wear them on their fingers.

The Ball Chain

This is the type of necklace chain you get most often if you order jewelry online. Why? It's cheap to make or for retailers to buy - if they're not buying the quality kind.

It's the type of chain that has little balls, seemingly connected to one string. There's not much space between each ball and they're best for big charms or those with a large chain opening.

Why? The ball gaps can catch small charm openings and move them around more than a delicate chain.

To solve this problem look for a ball chain with very small balls. They won't catch the charm as easily and it'll stay in place.

Anchor Chains

An anchor chain is another classic type chain you see with traditional jewelry. It's popular for all genders, but the bigger and shinier chains are often worn by men.

They're made up of oval chain-cable looking links, except there's a flat bar in the middle of each link.

The bar keeps the chain shapes from moving too much, so it doesn't get easily tangled.

Your Best Necklace Chain Types

So, which of these necklace chain types is best for you and your new piece of jewelry?

It depends on the charm. Most of the time retailers sell or suggest the perfect chains to go with your cross or rosary.

Pay attention to their suggestions, they know what they're talking about!

Start shopping (and pairing) now.

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